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2023-2024 Motions to


Often called "the poor man's appeal," this guide covers 16 decisions on section 1203 relief; such as errors in applying the law, raising new arguments, new evidence and proper motion practice. 

2023-2024 Contempt Caselaw Updates

Our most comprehensive guide to date, cover nearly 30 contempt decisions from non-payment of child support to criminal disobedience. 

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50/50 Caselaw Updates

Covering over a dozen 50/50 cases through Illinois, and a few extra.

Safe-T Act Updates

Covering over 20 recent decisions on the Safe-T Act.  


Domestic Violence Updates

Summarizing nearly a dozen Domestic Violence decisions, from deadnaming to temporary insanity. 

2024 Marital Dissipation Updates

Summarizing 11 Dissipation decisions, from Attorney Fees to Timely Notice.

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